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Where Economic Development, Workforce Education, and Production Incentivization
Meet the Film Sector

Working with investors, governments, local businesses, and economic development entities to identify areas of opportunity, need, and potential growth to capitalize on the film production sector's explosive expansion
in this global marketplace.



Providing consultation and expertise with industry standards for sound stage design and production facilities, offices, support services, and post-production infrastructure.



Provide meaningful industry standard training that targets the expansion of the local workforce to ensure a skilled crew base for below the line craft jobs in the region.


This includes partnering with existing educational entities, industry professionals, technical colleges and secondary programs, as well as independent (professional education) training, and workforce development.


Create collaboration with governments, economic development entities, and local communities and businesses to identify additional opportunities to entice productions to film in the area. It is vitally important to have production tax credits, grants, and cash rebates in place that compete with other incentives around the world.



C. Scott Votaw Bio

Scott possesses a deep and relevant knowledge base of production, studio operations, post-production, FX/3D processes, current and trending production needs, training and educational circular creation, workforce development, and lastly, the incentives available to attract production to a region for filming and content creation. Studio Infrastructure, Workforce Training, and Incentivization are the three main pillars of film production. Current productions and development entities must be able to justify the massive outlay of capital necessary to bring the production business into any region worldwide. More...

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